Zack Logan #featuredartistfriday 8.17.18

I’m especially thankful for this weeks featured artist.  Zack Logan has just recently released his first album “Raised by Wolves”.  If you have not heard this album yet, it is absolutely worth sitting down on your back porch, with a beer (preferably Shiner if you ask me), and listening to all the way through.  Several times in fact.  He has incredibly authentic lyrics, and his simply melodies a soul shaking.  I’m honored to have him on this page as I know he  (like others that have and will be on this page) is definitely going places.  Go check him out, and let us know what you think!
Here is his interview.
1. What’s your name(s)? How old Are you? Married? Kids? Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
Zack logan. Age 34. Married. 1 daughter
Born and raised in Newton, MS
2.  When/how were you introduced to music?
My parents both play piano. So I guess that’s probably the first music I remember. Also just singing at church.
3.  What were you doing before pursuing your music as a career?
Kind of a jack of all trades maintenance technician at an apartment complex.
4.  What made you decide to pursue your music career?
It has always been a dream to make a living from it.   I’ve been singing my whole life, and playing guitar since I was 15 or so. I think no matter what I’m doing professionally, I will always be in some kind of band, or playing in some bar on the weekends
On Your Music:
1.  Who are some of your biggest influences, or your musical heroes?
John Prine , Guy Clark, Robert Earle Keene.
2.  Do you write your own music? Collaborate with others?  Do you have a preference between the two?
So far I’ve written most of  it all. I collaborated on one song off my album. I like working at my own pace most of the time, which is usually a pretty good while.  I still do a few co-writes a month. It’s something I’m exploring a little more.
3.  What kinds of things do you write about?  What inspires you? 
I would say just basic human instincts. Love, hate, loss, religion, etc. Anything I can put a spin on.  Inspiration for music comes out of all places and times.  Sometimes I don’t realize what I’m writing about until I’m well into it.
4.  How would you describe your style of music?
I would say country/folk/Americana.
5.  Do you have people that play with you?  Do you have a band? Do you produce your own music, or do you have a studio that works with you?
My friends Austin Jenckes and Neil Mason produced my new record. “Raised by Wolves”. We recorded at Welcome to 1979 here in Nashville.
6.  How can people listen to or purchase your music, and how could they learn about shows coming up, and other news concerning your music?
My music is available on most streaming platforms, as well as iTunes and Apple Music.  You can follow me on most social media platforms as well to stay up to date on event and tour dates.  My website also has all my info.
7. Any closing remarks that you would like to share with your supporters/listeners?
My fans mean everything to me. We are a lot like family! I’d like to thank everyone for the love and continued support.