Tim Combs #FeaturedArtistFriday 8.31.2018

This week we are featuring a fun and creative artist who puts his life-long story-telling ability to work.  You can hear in his lyrics, a life lived working hard, and feeling deep emotion about his work, and the people around him.  Like many of his heroes, Tim definitely has a story to tell, and he does it in an elegant way that we working class can relate to.  You can find his music on any streaming service, and he likes to get to know his listeners so be sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
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Here is his interview.


1. What’s your name(s)? How old Are you? Married? Kids? Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
My name is Tim Combs. I’m 53 yrs old for a few more weeks. I am married. I have four kids ages 33 25 24 and 14. I’m from Hamilton Ohio. A city north of Cincinnati and now live in Monroe Ohio.
2.  When/how were you introduced to music?
I got into music as a fan at a very young age loving people like Johnny Cash, Buck Owens and Charlie Pride. As I got older I got into Alice Cooper Kiss Rush Ted Nugent, Foghat, all of the classic rock. The first time I heard Van Halen, I was totally blown away. Then my taste started changing and I really got into bands like U2 and The Cure. Nowadays, I spend a lot of time listening to acts like Josh Ritter and DBT.
3.  What were you doing before pursuing your music as a career? What made you decide to pursue your music career?
I still have a day job but have always wanted to be a touring musician and put much effort into my songwriting hoping that eventually someone would take notice. Now that I have released Hazard Coal I’m hoping this could help lead to making that dream a reality. I think the songs are strong.
On Your Music:
1.  Who are some of your biggest influences, or your musical heroes?
Some of my biggest influences are the classic storytellers like Steve Earle, Townes and also the great writings of Paul Westerburg and Bob Dylan have inspired me.
2.  Do you write your own music? Collaborate with others?  Do you have a preference between the two?
I write my own music. I haven’t participated in collaboration. I’m not sure I’d be very good at it.
3.  What kinds of things do you write about?  What inspires you? 
I write about anything and everything. There is inspiration everywhere. We all have a story to tell.
4.  How would you describe your style of music?
Acoustic Americana folk rock country blues.
5.  Do you have people that play with you?  Do you have a band?
I work with a band occasionally but mostly play by myself.
6.  Do you produce your own music, or do you have a studio that works with you?
I have been working with Zach Gabbard (Buffalo Killers) He and I co-produced Hazard Coal. It was recorded mostly live at his studio Howler Hills Farm.
7.  How can people listen to or purchase your music, and how could they learn about shows coming up, and other news concerning your music?
Hazard Coal can be found on iTunes Amazon and most other online stores and streaming services. You can follow my Facebook page to see what I’m up to. That’s timcombsmusic@facebook.com.
8. Any closing remarks that you would like to share with your supporters/listeners?
I would like to say that if someone takes the time out of their busy schedule to listen to a couple or even one of my songs it really means a lot to me. I would ask that if you like it drop me a line and maybe share it with your friends.